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Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951

Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 cost US $ 65.00
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in China is Chinese Yuan 397.6245 CNY,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in India is Indian Rupee 3983.2 INR,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in United States is United States Dollar 65 USD,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Indonesia is Indonesian Rupiah 784485 IDR,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Brazil is Brazilian Real 160.264 BRL,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Pakistan is Pakistani Rupee 6695 PKR,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Nigeria is Nigerian Naira 10703.55 NGN,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Bangladesh is Bangladeshi Taka 5029.375 BDT,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Russia is Russian Rouble 2723.253 RUB,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Japan is Japanese Yen 7029.425 JPY,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Mexico is Mexican Peso 881.3025 MXN,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Philippines is Philippine Peso 2911.35 PHP,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong 1380925 VND,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Birr 1302.99 ETB,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Egypt is Egyptian Pound 464.789 EGP,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Canada is Canadian Dollar 73.0275 CAD,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Iran is Iranian Rial 1737450 IRR,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Turkey is Turkish Lira 145.2945 TRY,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in taiwan is Taiwanese Dollar 1976.455 TWD,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in saudi arabia is Saudi Riyal 243.867 SAR,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in germany is German Mark 100.5355 DEM,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in united kingdom is British Pound Sterling 40.404 GBP,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in france is french franc 336.50305 FRF,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in South Korean is South Korean Won 68703.7 KRW,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in italy is italian lira 99329.75 ITL,
Price of Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 WC Exhibition 1900-1951 in Spain is Euro 51.35 ESP,

New Painting Exhibition History Available “…allowing one access to invaluable information that simply was inaccessible for decades to scholars and researchers in American art.” <?xml:namespace prefix = o />Two Books in One. Salmagundi Club Painting Exhibition Records 1940-1951 and Water Color Exhibition Records 1900-1951: A Guide to the Annual Exhibition of Oil Paintings 1940-1951; Summer Exhibition of Pictures 1928-1950; Exhibition of Thumb Box Sketches 1938-1950; Special Annual Exhibition of Selected Paintings, WC, Prints and Sculpture 1945-1950; Annual Exhibition and Auction Sale of Pictures 1940-1951, Exhibition of Small Pictures 1928, 1931 and Annual Exhibition of Water Colors 1888-1951. By Alexander W. Katlan $65.00 plus Sales Tax , Hard Cover Edition New Book in Original Shrink Wrap. This book provides research into the history of the painting exhibitions of the Salmagundi Club and is actually two books in one. This book completes the research into the painting exhibitions from 1940 to 1951 and for the first time,(included are Thumb Box paintings from 1928),the watercolor exhibitions of the Salmagundi Club are now available from 1900-1951 including important watercolorist Reynolds Beal, Walter Biggs, George E. Browne, John Carlson, Ogden M. Pleissner, Ernest Roth, Chauncey F. Ryder, Anthony Thieme, and John Alonzo Williams. This unknown painting exhibition history has been chronicled and indexed making available the artists, actual titles of the paintings, dates when these artworks were exhibited and prices when available. This exhibition directory provides comments by the author, an index of catalogues including art committees members, Salmagundi Club prizes and Thumb-Box awards in the oil painting exhibitions, a selection of Special artist, memorial and group exhibitions including such artists as Walt Kuhn, Charles Warren Eaton, F. Ballard Williams, Harrison Cady and a complete directory of artists and artwork alphabetically arranged in 623 pages including 317 black and white photographs of artwork and watercolors from the Salmagundi Club and private collections. In the special exhibitions starting 1945, major artists were included that were not members of the Salmagundi Club such as Charles Burchfield, Jon Corbino, Edward Hopper, Reginald Marsh, and Eugene Speicher. ISBN 978-0-9791290-2-5, Library of Congress Control Number 2009934634, 623 pp., 317 BW Illus., Hard Cover,2009. Artists List in book: Edwin Austin Abbey, Fouzy Abbott, Herbert Adams, Wyman Adams, Henry Ahl,Charles Avery Aiken, Charles Aiken, Percy Albee, Ernest Albert, Ernest Albert Jr., E. Maxwell Albert, Adam Albright, harry Allch, Charles Curtis Allen, Frank Leonard Allen, James E. Allen, Joel Nott Allen, John H. Allen, Junius Allen, C. Harry Allis, Joseph Allworthy, Lester Ambrose, Frederic Anderson, Victor C. Anderson, George W.J. Angell, Valenti Angelo, Charles P. Appel, W.Stuart Archibald, Otto H. Armbruster, John T. Arms, F. McIntosh Arnold, Stanley M. Arthurs, Clifford W. Ashley, Tore Asplund, John Atherton, William Auerbach-Levy, Ralph H. Avery, William J. Aylward. Will L. Bacher, Charles G. Baker, Thomas S. Baker, Arthur Bairnsfather, Lowell L. Balcolm, Harry R. Ballinger, Francis W. Bancroft, Milton H. Bancroft, John Banks, Joseph Barber, Bion Barnett Jr., Tom P. Barnett, Joseph Barr, Robert D. Barrett, William S. Barrett, Clay Bartlett, Frederick Eugene Bartlett, Charles Basing, Rutledge Bate, Walter Emerson Baum, Warren W. Baumgartner, Gifford Beal, Reynolds Beal, William Jean Beauley, Arthur Beaumont, Arthur E. Becher, Henry E. Bedford, George Beline, Alan Bement, Antimo Beneduce, Gerrit A. Beneker, Frank C. Bensing, Leslie L. Benson, John W. Bentley, Paul F.Berdanier,Sr., Louis F. Berneker, Oscar E. berninghaus, Johann Berthelsen, Joseph H. Berton, Louis Betts, Evelyn M. Bicknell, Frank Bicknell, Henry Bicknell, Walter Biggs, A.W. Kenny Billings, Jr., Amos Birdsall, Jr., William Verplanck Birney, Arthur E. Blackmore, J.Stuart Blackton, Leo Blake, Thomas Blakeman, Carl J. Blenner, Adolphe Blondheim, Robert F. Bloodgood, Ernest L. Blumenschein, A.J. Bogdanove, Gustave Bohland, Herbert Bohnert, Aaron Bohrod, Walter Bollendonk, James Bonnar, Carle Michael Boog, Hanson Booth, Carl Oscar Borg, Lester D. Boronda, Randal W. Borough, Louis Bosa, Frederick J. Boston, Joseph H. Boston, Hugh Botts, Louis Bouche, Joseph L. Boulton, Alexander Bower, Fiske Boyd, Rutherford Boyd, Matthew Boylan, Francis Brackett, George A. Bradshaw, (John) Paul Bransom, Maurice Braun, Samuel Brecher, Nicholas R. Brewer, Alexander Brook, Alan W. Brown, Darrell Brown, Ed Francis Brown, Frank A. Brown, Horace Brown, James Francis Brown, Roy Brown, Belmore Browne, George Elmer Browne, Syd Browne, Bertram Bruestle, George M. Bruestle, William Tyson Brundage, Alden Bryan, Sheldon Bryan, Jack Bryant, Charles Bubbard, G.H. Buck, Charles Livingston Bull, Andrew Bunner, Rudolph F. Bunner, Charles Burchfield, Ferdinand Burgdorff, Joseph Burgess, Sydney R. Burleigh, Charles Albert Burlingame, Milton J. Burns, Paul C. Burns, Walter W. Burridge, Clarence Busch, Burton Bush, Edward Buyck, Ranulph D. Bye. W. Harrison Cady, George Camarero, B.K. Canfield, Gaetano Capone, Frank Carew, James Carlin, Emil Carlson, John F. Carlson, John Carroll, Clarence Carter, George W. Carter, Pruett A. Carter, John H. Cassel, Gerald I.D. Cassidy, Eugene Castello, Samuel Chamberlain, C. Bosseron Chambers, Charles Edward Chambers, James Wells Champney,C. Durand Chapman, Carlton T. Chapman, Charles S. Chapman, , Sidney M. Chase, Clarence K. Chatterton, Russell Cheney, John Chetcuti, Frederick Edwin Church, Gianni Cilfone, Gustave Cimiotti, Howard M. Claney, Alson Skinner Clark, Elliot Candee Clark, G.F. Scotson Clarke, Thomas M. Cleland, Winfield Scott Clime, John Ford Clymer, Allen Cochran, George W. Cohen, F. Arnold Colby, Alphaeus P. Cole, Loring W.Coleman, jr., Maurice Collette, C. Myles Collier, Frank H. Collins, Gordon W. Colton, Nicholas U. Comito, Gratton Condon, Thomas R. Congdon, Russell Conn, Jay H. Connaway, E.V. Connett, Jr., Wilford S. Conrow, George T. Conroy, Otis P. Cook, Charles E. Cookman, Colin Campbell Cooper, Charles Abel Corwin, Jon Corbino, Albert H. Corck, Dean Cornwell, William C. Cornwell, John E. Costigan, Staats Cotsworth, Lee Court, Eanger Irving Couse, William Couse, Arthur S. Covey, Thomas B. Craig, Alan H. Crane, Bruce Crane, Frederick Crane, J. Eckard Crane, Stanley W. Crane, A. Wilbur Crane, Benjamin Cratz, Edgar Craven, Earl Stetson Crawford, Monte Crews, Alfred D. Crimi, Arthur Crisp, Richard J. Crocker, William H. Crocker, Percy L. Crosby, William H. Crossman, Timothy Crowley, Stephen Csoka, Charles C. Curran, Cyrus Currier, John P. Cuyler. David Raymond Daly, Lewis Daniel, Gerald V. Davis, Warren B. Davis,Francis Day, Harry Day, Maurice G. Debonnet, Charles DeFeo, Franklin DeHaven, Adolf Dehn, Ernest H. Deines, Julis M. Delbos, Percival DeLuce, Harry DeMaine, Joseph DeMartini, Harold T. Denison, George Dennison, Thos. J. Dentz, Robert N. DePostels, Frank H. Desch, Louis Paul Dessar, Frederick K. Detwiller, Marvin Detweiler, F. Usher DeVoll, Jerome DeWitt, Henry R. Diamond, Edwin Dickinson, Sidney Dickinson, George W. Dinckel, Francis S. Dixon, Lamarr W. Dodd, Robert E. Dodds, Frederick W. Doerderlein, Nathan Dolinsky, William Howard Donahue, Donald F. Donaldson, Israel Doskow, Walter Douglas, William J. Dow, William H. Drake, Edward Dufner, Martin Dumler, Boylston Dummer, Augustus Dunbier,Walter Jack Duncan, John Ward Dunsmore, W. Herbert Dunton. Lawrence C. Earle, C. Harry Eaton, Charles Warren Eaton, Kerr H. Eby, Henry Eddy, Edward B. Edwards, George Wharton Edwards, Harry C. Edwards, Benjamin Eggleston, Fitz Eichenberg, Edward G. Eisenlohr, Ulric H. Ellerhusen, Louis M. Elshemius, George Pearse Ennis, John Enser, Stephen Etnier, George H. Evans, Montgomery Evans, Miles Evergood, John A Ten Eyck. Ralph Fabri, James Fagan, Lester Fagans, Wallace Fahnestock, Carl Faille, Harry Farlow, Walter Farndon, Jerry Farnsworth, Truman E. Fassett, Dean Fausett, Herbert W. Faulkner, Oscar Fehrer, Frank T. Fellner, Harry Fenn, John William Fenton, Edward Loyal Field, J. Hunter Field, Denman Fink, Furman Finck, Hermann Fischer, William Fisher, Walter A. Fitch, William Crothers Fitler, Edmond J. Fitzgerald, Vaughn Flannery, John J. Floherty, Joseph Floch, Thomas J. Fogarty, John F. Folinsbee, Clyde Forsythe, Karl Fortress, Williamm F. Foster, Carlton C. Fowler, Joseph Franke, Malcolm Fraser, Arthur R. Freedlander, Raymond Freemantle, Frederick Warren Freer, Frank French, Howard French, Maurice Fromkes, Alfred Fuller, Arthur D. 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Gute. T. Victor Hall, Hendricks A. Hallet, Robert Hamilton, James Parton Hanna, Thomas K. Hanna, Nelson Harding, C. Gordon Harris, George E. Harris, Jaffrey Harris, Birge Harrison, Charles Harsanyi, George W. Harting, Walter C. Hartson, William N. Hasler, Childe Hassam, M.M. Hasselries, Lorenzo James Hatch, Joe Hauser, James Havens, Charles W. Hawthorne,William J. Hays, Arthur M. Hazard, Frank Hazell, Arthur K.D. Healy, Augustus G. Heaton, Robert D. Hedges, Charles E. Heil, Ernst Heinemann, Arthur W. Heintzelman, Charles L. Heinz, W. Emerton Heitland, William M. Hekking, Peter Helck, John Heliker, Arthur Heller, Albin Henning, Henry Hensche, Arthur Henshaw, Max Hermann, Frank S. Herring, Lewis Herzog, Alfred Hetherington, Frank Zell Heuston, George Franklin Heuston, George E. Heuston, Edward S. Hewitt, Aldro T. Hibbard, Eugene Higgins, Howard L. Hildebrandt, Arthur Turnbull Hill, Henrik Hillbom(Hillblom), John H. Hintermeister, Joseph Hirsch, Carl Hirschberg, Robert A. Hitch, Lucius Wolcott Hitchcock, Morris H. Hobbs, Arthur Hoeber, Harry L. Hoffman, Nils Hogner, Richard A. Holberg, Frank Graham Holmes, Edward Hopper, Tracy Hoppin, Ben Horning, Kenneth G. How, J. Theodore Howe, John S.Howell, John Newton Howitt, Henry M. Hoyt Jr., Whitney Hoyt, Charles Hubbard, Eric Hudson, Charles Allen Hulbert, David Humphreys, Malcolm Humphreys, Leigh Hunt, L. Fried Hurd, William Huston, Frank Townsend Hutchens, Frederick W. Hutchison, Alfred M. Hutty, Herman N. Hyneman. Henry Ihlefeld, George J. Illian, Frederick Ilsley, Ernest Ludwig Ipsen, Percy Van E. Ivory. Michel Jacobs, John Edwin Jackson, Lee Jackson, Edward G. Jacobsson, Louis Jambor, John Wells James, Francis Jaques, Frank Tenney Johnson, Robert E. Johnston, Albertus E. Jones, Eugene Jones, Leon Foster Jones, Louis E. Jones, Sidney Jones, Anders Jordahl, Isaac A. Josephi, Oscar H. Julius, Victor Julius, William R. Jurth, Jeno Juszko. Louis J. Kaep, Matthew Kalmenoff, Robert Kane, Philip Kappel, Bernard Karfiol, Genjiro Kataoka, Theodore Kautzky, Robert Kearfott, Charles Keck, Arthur Ignatius Keller, Charles Frederick Keller, J. Redding Kelly, Alden V. Kenny, Norman Kent, James Kerr, W. Langdon Kihn, B. Cory Kilvert, Richard M. Kimbell, Clarence V. King, George W. King, James S. King, Paul B. King, Charles Kinghan, Dong Kingman, Charles E. Kinkead, Troy Kinney, James Kinsella, Alonzo Klaw, C. Eugene Klebe, Walter C. Klett, Stanley Klimley, William Fair Kline, Arnold W. Knauth, James Knox, John Koch, john R. Koopman, Emil Kosa, Daniel Kotz, Sigmund Kozlow, A. Leon Kroll, Louis Kronberg, Max Kuehne, Francis Vandeveer Kughler, Otto Kurth. Albert R. Lache, Vincent LaGambina, Adrian Lamb, Herman Lambden, Charles M. Lang, Otto Frederick Langmann, Salvatore Lascari, W.L. Lathrop, Joseph Lauber, Henri L. 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Binding: Hardcover Special Attributes: 1st Edition, Illustrated Subject: Art & Photography Year Printed: 2009 Topic: Art History & Criticism Country of Manufacture: United States

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  BEN HOGAN APEX PLUS FORGED 3-9 GOLF CLUB SET ~ L@@K!! prices of 0 126 01-24-2015, 12:24 AM
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